Kate Healy Dykes has been practicing Yoga since the late ‘70s. She has successfully encouraged raw beginners, added value to the practice of seasoned intermediates, and taught those suffering from chronic pain how to find relief. Her long history as a medical Massage Therapist and certification as a Cardiac Yoga Instructor help her empathize with those who hurt and give her the know-how to make a difference. 

She has been a serious student of senior-level Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Vini-Yoga instructors for decades, including Joan White, Manju Jois and Gary Kraftsow. Kate has maintained a 20+year student-teacher relationship with Dona Holleman, one of Iyengar's leading students since the early 1960s,and an international icon and powerful trail-blazer for Women in Yoga everywhere. 

Gerard Arnaud, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yea and Seane Corn have also deeply influenced Kate, who had the good fortune to be present during the birth of the Modern Vinyasa Movement in the ‘80s and ‘90s, integrating their playful flows and deep love for their craft into her Vinyasa Classes.

Yoga is a way of life for Kate. She truly believes that Every Body is capable of receiving the profound benefits of Yoga, provided they are met exactly where they are with compassion, intelligence and the kind of humor that makes us better able to laugh at ourselves.